She Was So Pretty (2016)

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She Was So Pretty (2016) Valerie Vestron, is looking for a vacation from her life. When her friends decide to drag her out of town on a trip to a cabin in the woods, they get more than they bargained for.

Genre: Horror

Actor: Amanda Butler, Garrett Chewning, Justin Ewing

Director: Brooke Ewing

Country: United States

Duration: 90 min

Quality: SD

Release: 2016

IMDb: 6.8

She Was So Pretty is that moment when you feel eyes on you, but turn around to see no one is there. Feel someone brush up against you in a crowded room, but ignore it.

Alfie sees you. He knows your every move. If you are worth it, he will make you his. He’ll love you to death, and then some.

Alfred James Ellis III, Alfie for short, is a romantic. His love for women who have struggled is immense. He spends months searching for the perfect girl to become his live-in sweetheart. When he finds one he treats her to all his favorite things, like coffee in the mornings, eating together, curling up to watch vintage cartoons, and, even, slow dancing. He carries three knives in an old briefcase, spends hours brushing hair, loves orange circus peanuts, and likes playing doctor. He spends months just stalking his victims, and finding ways to insert himself into their lives, before he decides to take them. Alfie is looking for love, and Valerie Vestron is looking for a vacation from the nightmare that is her life. When her friends decide to drag her out of town on a trip to a cabin in the woods, they get more than they bargained for.

The goal with this film is to have that vintage vibe without setting it in the 70s or 80s. We wanted to revive that feeling you get when you watch a VHS rental that you’ve never heard of. Something filmed underground, and vigilante, without the polish of Hollywood. A movie that makes you question every person who accidentally bumps into you in public.

A Message from the Director:

Some of my earliest childhood memories are of standing for hours in our local video store scouring the racks of .99 horror movies, and choosing the horror movie I could keep for 3-5 days, and watch over and over again, till I had it memorized. I was the only seven year old at that store renting Pumpkinhead on a regular basis. Horror movies were always the one thing that I never stopped loving.

She Was So Pretty started as a short story based on the creepy mannerisms of Jerry Larew. As it developed all I could think about was searching those racks for VHS horror treasures, and I decided I wanted to make something that I would have rented from those shelves.

I always had a love for serial killers. My ninth grade social studies fair project, “A Look into the Mind of a Serial Killer” helped me bring home the 1st Place win at the West Virginia State Social Studies Fair. The fair judges and parents did not want to give such a gruesome project the win, but my knowledge of the topic was so immense that they could not deny my win.
Meet the Cast 

The Budget 

We are not going to make a pie chart to show you where the money is going. The money is going straight into ordering the very merchandise you see here, available in our perks. No matter what we make, you will still be receiving your perks, because we prepared for that. After we send you your goodies, hopefully, there will be a few bucks left over that we will be using to hit the road at the end of June to share this movie with the world. Our first stop is Days of the Dead in Indianapolis, Indiana.


The Perks 

If we reach our goal of $5,000, we will release a second round of perks featuring the Movie Soundtrack, the movie on VHS and Blu-Ray, Trading Cards, Pillows, Record Spinner Figures, and MORE! 

The Impact 

She Was So Pretty was made on a $0 budget. We collaborated with our super talented, friends, family, and more, to make this movie a reality. We spent a year filming, whenever people were off work. We trespassed, risked getting into trouble for locations, and we do not regret a minute of it.
What we love about horror in the 70s, 80s, and early, 90s was that they felt less polished. They weren’t squeaky clean and perfect. Many cult classic horror films were made with smaller budgets, and a lot of heart. We have the heart, and we want to show you what we can do with nothing.
If you are a fan of a moody vibe, synth meets folk soundtrack, and a serial killer who loves the chase, then She Was So Pretty is for you.
We are not comparing this to other horror films. We won’t say that this will be the next cult classic, but what we will say is we promise you HORROR AND FUN.  

The Risks 
The movie is already finished. We are not asking you to put your money into a movie that you have to wait a year to receive your perks for. The risk is minimal.
How many times have you purchased a movie that you HATED?  
More than once, right? Well, so have we.

I can tell you that if you like the vibe in the trailer, you’ll, probably, enjoy the flick. As a horror fan we purchase a lot of movies to show support for the genre in hopes that it will live up to something we have seen and, already, love. We are asking you to invest the money from a trip for two to the theater, and instead you get a DVD copy of She Was So Pretty.
That’s not a bad deal.
You will also risk becoming more paranoid when you go out in public. But we think that’s more of a perk!