Monster Trucks Full Movie

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Monster Trucks Full Movie is a 2016 American action-comedy film produced by Paramount Animation, Nickelodeon Movies and Disruption Entertainment. It was directed by Chris Wedge and was written by Jonathan Aibel, Glenn Berger, Derek Connolly and Matthew Robinson.[5] The film stars Lucas Till, Jane Levy, Amy Ryan, Rob Lowe, Danny Glover, Barry Pepper and Holt McCallany, and follows a high schooler who finds an escaped monster living in his truck.

Principal photography of the film began on April 4, 2014, in Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada. Released by Paramount Pictures throughout Europe in December 2016 and in the United States on January 13, 2017, the film received mixed reviews from critics. Monster Trucks grossed $64 million worldwide against its $125 million budget, leading Forbes and The Los Angeles Times to label it as a box office bomb.

At the start of the film, Terravex Oil is in the midst of a fracking operation near a lake in North Dakota, overseen by CEO Reece Tenneson (Rob Lowe) and geologist Jim Dowd (Thomas Lennon). The operation releases three subterranean creatures and destroys the drilling rig. Two are captured by Terravex, but one of them escapes the site. Meanwhile, high school senior Tripp (Lucas Till) is looking for something to do to escape the life of his family; his parents are divorced, his mother: Cindy (Amy Ryan) is in a relationship with Rick (Barry Pepper) the town’s sheriff, and has taken up a part-time job at a local junkyard and has created a hobby of building a pickup truck. One night, Tripp encounters the escaped creature in the junkyard and captures it, but the creature escapes before he can seek authorities.

The next day Tripp, along with classmate Meredith (Jane Levy), finds that the creature has a diet of oil and it takes shelter within the hood of his truck, quickly befriending him naming him Creech and promising to help him get home. Tripp modifies the truck to give Creech more control over the truck as a makeshift engine, and Meredith becomes quite impressed and surprised at Creech’s speed and talent. Meanwhile, Terravex is still concerned about the incident at the drilling rig that exposed Creech, since similar experiments have revealed the two beasts, which are now being held in captivity. They decide to protect the company’s image by sending hired mercenary Burke (Holt McCallany) to kill the creatures, to the objection of Jim Dowd, as he finds the monsters have significant intelligence and emotions. Tripp and Meredith go see Tripp’s Dad: Wade (Frank Whaley),who works at Terravox, to seek help.

However, Tripp and Meredith realized that Terravex doesn’t want anyone to know about Creech, Tripp goes to check on Wade and realizes Wade sold him out to Burke, who claims Tripp’s Truck is Terravex property. When Burke threatens Tripp, Creech gets mad and tackles them while in the truck. Tripp and Meredith escape in the truck with Creech, but not before destroying Wade’s trailer. Tripp, Meredith, and Creech are chased by Burke and his team and Rick (who was sent to pick up Tripp by Cindy). Tripp, Meredith, and Creech manage to escaped by jumping over a train. They camp at a hunting cabin owned by Meredith’s father near the lake.

When Creech gets the sense that something bad will happen to the other creatures, who are actually his parents, he breaks into Terravex where the other creatures are being held captive. Tripp and Meredith follow Creech using Meredith’s cellphone, as Trip left his phone in the truck. When they arrive, they find Creech’s parents, but are attacked by Teeravox workers. Creech arrives and is captured. Tripp and Meredith are taken to Tenneson, and he tells them to forget about Creech and his parents and have them escorted out.

Sympathetic to the creatures’ plight, Jim decides to help Tripp and Meredith rescue the creatures. They get the help of two friends of theirs to get two more trucks, one being a repossession from a friend of Tripp’s and another being the birthday present of a second friend whose father owns a local car dealership. They can modify the trucks for Creech’s parents to control similar to Creech in Tripp’s truck. Jim helps the group by stealing the Terravex truck on which the monsters are loaded. At the dealership, the creatures take control of the modified trucks and the group make their escape up the mountain.

Terravex gives chase up the mountain and the group escape by using the trucks to jump over the edge of the mountain. On the way, Rick helps Tripp and the group escape from Burke. Tripp gets into a head-on battle with Burke, who attempts to push him into the drilling hole where the creatures emerged and Tripp overturns Burke’s truck, but not without falling into the hole. Creech saves him from drowning before he and his parents depart back home and Terravex is exposed by the group for the experimentation that was harming the creature’s habitat. Reece is arrested, Tripp and Rick are now on good terms, he’s got his own truck, and Tripp and Meredith begin a relationship. They then ride around town in the new truck.