Clowntown (2016)

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Clowntown (2016), The film follows a group of friends who get stranded in a seemingly deserted small town and find themselves stalked by a murderous gang of psychopaths dressed as clowns.

Genre: Thriller, Horror

Actor: Brian Nagel, Lauren Compton, Andrew Staton

Director: Tom Nagel

Country: United States
Duration: 86 min

Quality: SD

Release: 2016

IMDb: 7.9

What can I say about this movie? Might as well start with what it is about. At the beginning, we get a stupid flashback kind of thing of a kid in a sort of Halloween style thing. Then we go to present day where these four friends are going to some sort of gig and go to a catch to ask for directions. They then end up being sent to this abandoned town because one of the idiots lost their phone with her ID and stuff. Well, the Clowns are waiting for them (or they just turn up because they waited for a long time).

I am terrified of Clowns like seriously IT destroy my life when it came to Clowns. Since I like being scared and 31 has not been released yet I thought lets watch this. That’s 80 minutes I am never getting back again. OK, that is a bit of a stretch it was not terrible just bad.

Screen shot from the movie

I always like to start off with something positive I actually liked the killers in this movie (my favourite being the one above). They creeped me out (any clown would). The people actually playing the clowns did a pretty good job. They were creepy and real which is what I like about killers in movies. I mean they are nothing really special and they kind of reminded me of the three wrong turn killers just clowns instead of mutants. They never broke the mold or anything but they will do in an otherwise bad movie.

We had some decent gore moments. I mean you can tell the budget was not massive like some horror films these days but that never bothers me. Some of the scenes were pretty good for it being low budget. Honestly, again, nothing out there, some of the gory scenes were enjoyable. The movie is straight to DVD so it is to be expected that the effects are not amazing quality.

Screen shot from the movie

Now we are to the bad stuff. The first thing there is to talk about is the acting. That is one thing that I cannot blame on the low budget. There are some amazing actors and actresses out there that would be in a low budget horror. All of the “victims” did not have a memorable moment between them. They fell flat in some places and overacted in a lot of places. I do not know if they just did not feel passionate about the film or they just cannot act but it was not good.

The film took a while for anything to really happen then when it did happen it got a bit boring. Now I do not mind a cat and mouse kind of film, but they have to be done extremely right as if it is not then it can get a little boring. This one lands into the last one. We just need some action in between the chases and this had a few with the someone getting captured the killers breaking stuff but it was not enough to keep us interested.

Screen shot from the movie

The story could have been pretty decent if it was done right and I just did not feel like it was. It did not help that the characters were idiots. From waiting hours for a phone to hiding in a caravan where they could not escape. Some of the stuff they were doing had me baffled one of them even put a torch on to look for his girlfriends because that is a good way to hide. Then you get that “twist” ending that was obvious straight away.

The beginning just did not make sense. I am sure they put that in there just to have a bit of a Halloween moment. If I am being honest, I never really liked that moment in the original Halloween movies.

This is not a movie that I will be watching again. There were some good elements like the killers, but some of it was bad like the acting of everyone else. This movie could have been really successful since the story is actually pretty decent I just do not think the budget it was there.